This casino has been online since 2015. Within this period that it has been online, Yako Casino has been able to elevate its status to be among those brushing shoulders with the pioneer virtual gaming sites that are big in the game. Factors that have aided this casino in growing will be discussed in this Yako review. EveryMatrix NV Casinos owns this virtual casino. This gaming company is among those that operate a chain of online casinos. Online establishments under the stewardship of this company have been reviewed to be among the best, receiving recognition in the UK and across the globe.

When signing up to this casino, players will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions set by the establishment. It is fundamental that a gamer goes through the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy so that they are in the know of what to expect from this casino and how business is conducted. Some of the regulations put in place include:

  • Players should have attained the age of eighteen years before they can become members. Valid documents indicating a client’s age must be submitted for verification
  • Money used in this casino must have been obtained through legal means. The use of stolen debit or credit cards will lead to cancellation of one’s account
  • Players are allowed to have only one account in this establishment. Transfer of account from one gambler to another is prohibited
  • Once a bet is placed under a gamer’s account using his login details, the stake cannot be recalled
  • When an account remains inactive for over thirty months, it is shut down. Funds in the casino are transferred to relevant authorities.

There are more rules up on this casino’s website. Players are required to read through them and understand what is expected of them during their stay in this casino. Players can then accept these rules by confirming on the dialog box that will pop up during registration. Regarding privacy policy, gamers should be privy to information such as:

  • Involvement in this casino’s promotional activities is an obligation a gamer has to cooperate on. If a player has won an amount higher than ten thousand, Yako online casino will use their personal details without having to ask them. The details that will be used include first name, age, gender, and country of residence
  • Their personal data will be destroyed once it has served the purpose and will no longer be needed by this establishment. Yako Casino pledges not to store a client’s personal information longer than is expected of them
  • Information submitted to this establishment may be shared with authorized third parties when need be
  • Data given to Yako during registration and verification will only be availed to personnel that have the clearance to access this type of information
  • Yako uses the data provided to them to optimize services for players. They have security measures put in place to safeguard client data.

After reading through this segment, players can then decide if they want to join the Yako Casino community or not.